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  • motorwheel

    Motor + Wheel DC Geared 5V

    Continuous Current(A):70mA
    Output Power:-
    Protect Feature:Waterproof
    Type:Gear Motor
    Construction:Permanent Magnet
    Voltage(V):3 – 6V
    Efficiency:plastic gear motor

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  • rbvahfzbue6azvqkaagzuf-01xm247

    LiPo 11.1v 3000mAH 25C – BlackMagic


    For DJI PHANTOM Quadcopter, in no-load and load conditions can be effectively enhanced blank time
    Suitable for CX-20, Quanum Nova Quadcopter
    Special for DJI PHANTOM 1 and FC40 Quadcopter,improve about 30% flight time than original battery
    Well-designed,have a special handle for take out the battery easily

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  • 11-1v_3s_2700mah_25c____

    LiPo 11.1v 2700mAH 25C – BlackMagic


    Black Magic 2700mAh 11.1V 25C LiPo Battery for DJI PHANTOM Quadcopter, in no-load and load conditions can be effectively enhanced blank time, enjoy more flight fun!

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  • turnigy-2650mah-3s-1c-llf-tx-pack-futaba-jr-211-p

    LiPo 11.1v 2650mAH 1C – Turnigy


    The Turnigy 2650mAh Transmitter pack fits snuggly into any Futaba or Jr radio which uses a 4×4 AA cell battery configuration

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  • lipo3s1500mahzoppower

    LiPo 11.1v 1500mAH 35C – ZOP Power


    1. Don’t over-charge, or over-discharge batteries.
    2. Don’t put it beside the high temperature condition.
    3. Don’t throw it into fire.
    4. Don’t throw it into water.
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  • lion-14-8v-5200mah-30c_2

    LiPo 14.8v 4S 5200mAH 30 LionPower

    • Capable of maximum continuous discharge rates up to 30C, burst rate 60C, placing this battery among the most powerful Li-Po battery packs in its class! It offer an excellent blend of weight, power and performance. Available in a wide variety of capacities and voltages, there’s a battery perfect for almost any application from indoor slow flyer to large-scale sport and aerobatic airplane models, as well as micro to mid-sized helicopter models
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  • 11-1v-25c-2200mah-3s-font-b-lipo-b-font-battery-free-shipping

    LiPo 11.1v 2200mAH 25C – TCB

    TCB 2200mAh 11.1V 25C 3S Lipo Battery XT60 Plug For RC Models

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  • free-shipping-hrb-lipo-battery-14-8v-6000mah-50c-4s-4-cells-14-8volt-lipo-battery

    LiPo 11.1v 6000mAH 50 – HRB


    Capable of maximum continuous discharge rates up to 50C,burst rate 60C, placing this battery among the most powerful Li-Po battery packs in its class! It offer an excellent blend of weight, power and performance. Available in a wide variety of capacities and voltages, there’s a battery perfect for almost any application from indoor slow flyer to large-scale sport and aerobatic airplane models, as well as micro to mid-sized helicopter models.

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  • hrb-rc-car-hard-case-lipo-battery-11-1v-3300mah-35c-max-70c-for-1-10th

    LiPo 11.1v 3300mAH 35C – HRB

    3S 11.1V 3300mah 35C Lipo Battery with hardcase For 1/10th RC Car Boat  .

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  • tcb-brand-lipo-battery-3500mah-3s-11-1v-35c-1p-for-rc-model-airplane-car-boat

    LiPo 11.1v 3500mAH 25C TCB

    Capable of maximum continuous discharge rates up to 25C, placing this battery among the most powerful Li-Po battery packs in its class! It offer an excellent blend of weight, power and performance.

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  • lion-power-11-1v-2200mah-25c-max-40c-3s-lipo-battery-for-rc-plane-helicopter

    LiPo 11.1V 2200mAH 25C LionPower

    Oriainal Lion Power Lipo Battery 11.1V 2200Mah 25C MAX 40C T Plug for RC Car Airplane Align Trex 450 Helicopter Part

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  • com-charger-B6-AC


    IMAX B6AC Multifunctional Balance Battery Charger

    Imax-B6AC 80W (new version) is a dual-input intelligent electrical charge and discharge, it has the built-in high-performance microprocessor fast charging of high-tech and professional control software , it has charge, discharger, temperature detector, built-in adapter….see more given below

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  • fpv250

    260 mm KK 260 FPV Racer Quadcopter Frame

    KK260 Multicopter Frame Kit, Made from Nylon and fiber
    Wheelbase: 260mm
    Weight: 101g.


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  • lipo battery

    LiPo 3S 5200mAH 30C LionPower

    Battery item:LION  Power 11.1V 5200M 30C
    Continuous discharge rate:30C
    Size:Length 136mm x Width 42m x Height 30mm
    Plug style:Blance charger,suit for JR plug,FUTABA plug
    Colors:Standard Colors

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  • Oriainal-Lion-Power-Lipo-Battery-11-1V-900Mah-25C-JST-Plug-for-RC-Car-Airplane-Helicopter


    LiPo 11.1V 900Mah 25C LION POWER

    Battery item:LION  Power 7.4V 90M 25C
    Continuous discharge rate:25C
    Size:Length 57mm x Width 30mm x Height 14mm
    Plug style:Blance charger,T Plug
    Colors:Standard Colors

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  • 65595s1(1)


    QQ Thunder Flight Controller

    The QQ Super Multi-rotor flight control is built-in precise digital gyroscope and acceleration sensor with self-stabilizing function and super stable flight performance. Besides all standard PCM and 2.4G digital receiver, It also compatiblr with S.BUS DSM2 and DSMX satellite. And it’s also easy in connection and installation with ultra-bright LED light

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  • 9047-gemfan-prop-cw-ccw-black__53247.1416286739.700.700


    8045 Propeller

    Theseprops are an excellent choice. Contains 1 CW and 1 CCW rotating propellers per pack. Also includes adapter rings.

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  • s-l300


    Quadcopter Frame – MK X525 V3

    Overview :

    – Designed wheelbase as 600mm because consider the torsibility of wooden frame. After thousands of twisting resistance tests that verified which is the best wheelbase value.
    – Choosing the wheelbase of 500mm make the helicopter steadier that is better for beginner or FPV.
    – Simplified outline includes human oriented design for different flight mode, especially consider for battery fixing and FPV platform.
    – Light weight design makes more flying time.
    – Perfect rotor efficiency and rotor load to get best wind resistance.
    – Main frame Made by Friber Glass.
    – Rotor design as foldedform can easy to putup.

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  • Hot-1-Pair-5-3-5030-Carbon-Fiber-Propeller-Prop-CW-CCW-for-T-Motor-RC.jpg_640x640


    Propeller 5030 Carbon Fiber

    This 5030 blade is specially designed for FPV250 rc quadcopter, which is composed of nylon material and carbon fiber material. Has very high strength and durability. This blade is far more better than those plastic ones, so if you want better quality propellers, this is absolutely your first chooice!

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  • flysky-fs-t6-24ghz-6-channel-tx-rx-bangladesh


    FS-T6 FlySky 6-Channel Quadcopter Transmitter

    FlySky Introduces its newest 6 channel 2.4GHz system, The FS-T6. After years of success with the CT6B, FlySky presents the new FS-T6 with loads of cool and convenient features making the operation of this transmitter simple and instinctive.

    The 6-channel FlySky FS-T6 is the perfect transmitter for sport modelers who want the power of a programmable transmitter but don’t necessarily need a lot of excess features they do not use. It includes all of the important features and programmable parameters to support a variety of helicopters, gliders, and airplanes. It even has the ability to store 20 models allowing the user to save a whole fleet of aircrafts.

    Programming the FS-T6 is very easy and intuitive. It is implemented with a simple click and scroll dial allowing quick and easy menu navigation and manipulation. The large backlite LCD screen with large fonts is easy to read and the simplified menus will immediately put first-time programmers at ease. Many programming functions like throttle curves and expo are graphically depicted to give you a clearer picture of the changes you’re making.

    FlySky AFHDS (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System) 2.4GHz system offers a lot of advantages. It is equipped with a super active and passive anti-jamming capability and has very low power consumption with high receiver sensitivity. The 2.4GHz system puts the radio out of the frequency range by any generated by other electronic components in your model such as the brushless motor, speed controller, servos, or other metal to metal noise. This eliminates interference and glitching that can plague a traditional radio system. Extreme rigorous testing by FlySky engineers makes this AFHDS system solid and worthy.

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  • APM_2



    Power Module is a simple way of providing your APM/Arduflyer with clean power from a LiPo battery as well as current consumption and battery voltage measurements, all through a 6P cable. The on-board switching regulator outputs 5.3V and a maximum of 3A from up to a 7S LiPo battery.

    Note: The Power Module is only designed to power APM/Arduflyer, a RC receiver and accessories (GPS, Radio telemetry). It is not designed to power servos. Use your aircraft’s own ESC/BEC for that.

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  • 3DR Mini OSD


    3DR mini OSD

    Compatible with APM/ SPM2.6/ APM2.65 flight controls.


    This device using open source programs, there are many information and discussion on the internet, please acquaint yourself with some basic knowledge about this product.

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  • 51953(1)


    8045 Carbon Fiber Propeller

    Extremely lightweight and durable, you can expect an increase in overall motor efficiency owing to the ultra thin and stiff carbon construction. The dual mountings mean these will fit on most multi-rotors. You can use the standard mounting with the 4mm shaft (ream for larger shafts) or use a tightening cover with 12mm centers and M3 bolts.

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  • s-l500_3__1


    EMAX CF2822 Outrunner Brushless Motor for RC Aircraft Helicopter

    A well made and nicely finished outrunner. Excellent for small foamies and indoor shockflyers.

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  • Untitled


    30A SimonK Prgramme RC Brushless ESC For Quadcopter Multicopter

    Highest efficiency 100% N-FET design.

    Highest accuracy with Crystal Oscillator (Temperature won’t affect the PWM operating range like other cheap ESC’s).

    No low voltage cutoff, because any cutoff in a multirotor = crash.

    No over temp cutoff, because any cutoff in a multirotor = crash.

    Super high refresh rate, no buffering of the input signal, resulting in more than 490Hz response rate.

    16KHz motor frequency, giving fastest response of the motor, and quietest operation as well (no 8KHz squeal).

    Super simple, foolproof operation! Nothing to program other than the throttle range.

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  • B3-09


    iMAX B3 Compact

    ImaxRC B3 Compact Charger SPECIFICATION:

    • Input voltage: AC 110V-240V
    • Balance charge current: 850mA
    • Display: Green & Red LED
    • Case: Plastic
    • Max charge power:10W
    • Only charge for 2~3 series LiPo battery
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  • Foxnovo-FS-CT6B-24GHz-6-Channel-Digital-LCD-Transmitter-Receiver-Radio-Control-System-for-RC-Helicopter-0-500x500


    FlySky FS-CT6B 2.4GHz 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver Radio System

    The FS-CT6B is a professional and practical 2.4GHz 6-Channel digital LCD transmitter, which is equipped with a FS-R6B receiver to make a digital proportional radio control system, and suitable for RC airplane, glider and helicopter. The transmitter adopts easy-to-read LCD screen to show the working status.

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  • naza-m-lite-combo

    NAZA M Lite with GPS

    DJI now brings out the most cost-effective solution, the NAZA-M Lite flight control system. As the simplified version of NAZA-M, it inherits the high reliability and stability of NAZA-M in a basic package offering a very competitive price. The innovative All-in-One design simplifies installation and saves space and weight. It contains inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometer in its light and small Main Controller. It can measure flying altitude, attitude and therefore can be used for autopilot/automatic control.

    The *optional plug and play GPS module (sold separately) will greatly enhance the performance for aerial photography with accurate Position Hold, Return-To-Home and Intelligent Orientation Control functionalities. With the GPS Module, the multi-rotor will have position and altitude locked accurately even in windy conditions. Hovering accuracy is approximately 2.5m horizontal and 0.8m vertical.

    The advanced attitude stabilization algorithm not only inherits the outstanding flight stability of DJI products, but also provides excellent maneuverability. It is more flexible and stable, and gives the hobbyists a wonderful flight experience.

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