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    2WD Smart Robot Car Chassis

    1. The simple assembly, 5 minutes to complete the assembly.
    2. Strong scalability, can complete a variety of functions of intelligent car.
    3. The torsion strength 130 strong magnetic dc gear motor, is by no means as toy motor, torque for two to three times that of ordinary motor, provide 1:48 and optional 1:12 0 than speed, specific speed, the greater the load.
    4. The encoder from the original 10, upgraded to 20 case makes double precision and intensity.
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  • baron 4wd

    Baron-4WD Arduino Mobile Robot Platform with Encoder


    The DFRobot 4WD Arduino-Compatible Platform w/Encoders is widely used on the world’s self-developed control panel platform. This drive method has a strong obstacle and climbing ability with high strength aluminum alloy body. It features thick acrylic material to eliminate the heavy, fragile thin acrylic material defects. The powerful motor performance, flexible and rapid movement is especially suitable for outdoor grass, gravel, sand, or slope pavement.It is very useful for robot competitions and other research projects. It’s car mounting holes is compatible with a variety of sensors. There is enough space within the car to install the battery. It is made with the consideration to facilitate the future expansion of PTZ cameras or more degrees of freedom manipulator. This platform comes with two sets of encoder can be precise control of the car trip, and the closed-loop PID control.

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  • diy bo spidre reboot

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    DIY B/O Spider Robot

    Owning a spiderman is a colorful dream in everyone’s childhood. Here is the cute DIY Spider Robot making your dreams come true. With the DIY Spider Robot, you can design and manufacture a robotic creature as your wish and under your control!


    Battery(1.2V) is included. Turn on the switch, you’ll find the little robotic creature is full of energy! The vivid DIY robotic spider with eight multi-jointed legs accurately duplicate the walking movement of real spider.


    There are two assembly choices for you to change the stride length and gait of the spider.
    Want the Spider Robot to become smarter and more powerful? Now it’s your turn to be its master and DIY! Afterwards, your robotic spider can automatically avoid barriers, remote controlled or become the top shooter.
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    17DOF Humonoid Robot

    Body with hard alloy as a skeleton, very light and strong! Graphical programming, easy to learn, it can bipedal walking, tumbling, choreography, full of fun! Applicable to all types of robot dance, racing games, you can also participate in various large-scale activities to do robot.

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  • 5378_1(1)


    6Legs Robotic Kit

    This Robot is made of 18 SG90 Servo Motors
    To make this robot move, we just need the control software and the following components:
    1.6 Legs 18 DOF Robot Black Spider Robot 18pcs SG90 Servo Motor
    2.32 Channels Servo Motor Controller Robot Contorller Servo Driver
    3.7.4V power supply

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  • 6W4A5785-900x600


    Vortex – A New Robot Teaches Kids About Coding (Single Pack)

    Vortex is a revolutionary product for children. It is a smart and responsive robot that kids can play with and program. Using the Vortex and apps, kids can play different games, learn about robotics, and even create their own.

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  • 12866-01-500x500

    Magician Chasis 2WD

    The Magician Chassis is our latest robot platform. It features two gearmotors with 65mm wheels and a rear caster. The chassis plates are cut from acrylic with a wide variety of mounting holes for sensors, controllers, power, etc. Simply bolt the two pre-cut platforms together, attach the motors and caster and add your favorite robotics controller.

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  • 61ZsX7hhOjL._SL1000_

    2WD Robo Chasi

    • Ideal for maker DIY
    • Intelligent car chassis Tracing car Robot car chassis with code disk
    • Speed encoder wheels and battery box are included
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  • s-l500

    Robotic Hand 6DOF

    The 6DOF robotic arm from delivers fast, accurate, and repeatable movement. You can control it through arduino or any other microcontroller board capable of driving 6 servos to control the robotic arm directly.

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  • claw2-01

    Standard Gripper Kit B – Straight Mount

    This is the Standard Gripper Kit B, a simple and durable robotics kit that is great for “getting a grip” on pretty much any robotics project! Designed for use with any standard size Hitec or Futaba servo, the gripper kit is easy to assemble and requires only a Phillips Head Screwdriver. This Standard Gripper is capable of opening an impressive 6″ wide max, has an overall body length of 5″ long with a 1.3″ wide servo housing body, and offers 6-32 mounting thru-holes along the edges of the servo housing.

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  • 929093489_479


    6DOF Biped Robot

    his 6DOF Biped robot is a professional small humanoid robot consist of full aluminium parts, special non-ferrous oxidation process on surface, smooth edges not hurting hands, the metal is unbleached, beautiful and durable, prevent decoloring for long time using.

    The robot you can mount six micro servos, each foot is 3DOF, the robot can both walk forward or backward and crouch, stand up, turn, even can do a lot of forward roll and backward roll.The kit includes six TowerPro MG995  servos.

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  • 13222-03

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    MiP Robotic Platform – White/Black

    The MiP Robotic Platform is the first self-balancing robot that you get to control and play games with. The MiP can drive, dance, plays games, battle with other MiPs, respond to simple hand motions and can be remotely controlled by a compatible iOS or Android device. Thanks to a suite of motion and sound sensors and WowWee’s own GESTURESENSE™ technology, MiP will respond to the simple swipe of a hand: just swipe in any direction, and MiP will follow. You can even program up to 50 hand swipes in a row, clap twice, and MiP will play it back!

    Each MiP has 7 pre-programmed “modes” that can be selected by spinning one of it’s wheels each with its own corresponding color that lights up on MiP’s chest. These modes include: MiP Default (Blue), Stack (Pink), Cage (White), Tricks (Red), Roam (Yellow), Dance (Turquoise), and Tracking (Orange). Additionally, the MiP is equipped with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity and can interact wirelessly with most new iOS and Android mobile devices (check in the Documentssection below for a complete list of compatible devices). While using the MiP App, you can access an even wider range of behaviors, moods, games, or even have your new robotic best friend dance to songs on your device!

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  • robotic_claw-500x500


    Robotic Metallic Claw

    A perfect hand for your robot..

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  • Robot Chassis 4 wheel 2-600x600


    4WD Robo Chasis


    – Simple mechanical structure, easy for installation.
    – Adopts 4 decelerate DC motors, ensuring flexbility and good direction.
    – Large and stable Chassis, easy for expansion.
    – speed test encoding disk.
    – recommend use L293D 4 motors driver board and 4 Channel Infrared Detector Tracked Photoelectricity Sensor Obstacle Avoidance

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  • 100mm_omni_wheel112_1024x1024


    100mm Aluminum Double Omni wheel with bearing rollers

    These aluminum omni wheels are made up of 2 aluminum plates with some rollers mounted around the outer circumference. Each roller is attached with two bearings to give the smoothest rolling. These rollers allow the omni wheel to travel sideways with no skidding during turns. As an omni-directional wheel, it can travel in more than one direction, as well as 360° movement with rotation. When the axle spins, it behaves like a normal wheel.

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